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  1. You guys need to listen to Bedrock Bob! he is telling it like it is! All that BS about Keene cloth is just that BS, it passes more dust into the riffle box than any other kind of cloth out there and its a rip off at that price. I may not have built hundreds of dry washers but I have built my share and every one of them worked. and yes a blower type will stop up the cloth if its run with damp material especially if it contains clay , just wash it and let it dry. I am so tired of hearing about secret cloth that has magical properties, gold is NOT magnetic, if it was then you could build a dry washer type machine with wire that would be magnetic and catch any gold that passes over it, do you really think that a lot of people far smarter than most of the people on here and Efraud have not tried this? Undoubtly it could be done with some atomic process but at what costs? I say SHOW ME this magnetic field! How? Some time back we had a discussion about gas powered vacs building up STATIC , everyone I have ever had does it under the right conditions having to do with the dust composition and humidity, static causes explosions in grain elevators, just do the research! Static is not magnetic. static does not affect every one some peoples skin resistance is higher than others. Dry washer in picture is one of 15 that I built and sold using the same old cotton bed sheet and everyone of them worked, at least none where ever returned or complained about, I also was using the 5 gallon bucket for a hopper before I ever saw another one!
  2. This second set of pictures does not resemble the first set at all, some of them are plainly slag! Are you saying that the first set of pictures came form the same place? Are you trying a scam? Or has some one left them for some one else to find? Rock hounds are famous for leaving their excess in a place where it not normally found as a sort of practical joke , I have done it and been taken in by it too! The one with the metal protruding form it still looks like some sort of lava to me and some lava is soft enough to drive a nail or screw into it. There are lava deposits that are so light that they float in water and they are commercially mined as a cement additive and hand carved into curios. What you show in the second set of pictures is easily duplicated in the right lava, when I sold my lava bombs I made some smaller ones in to wall hangings and had no trouble driving sheetrock screws in to them with a hand screw driver. Again: Many places in the US has lava with inclusions of other materials some of them are very popular with mineral collectors . Max
  3. Picture 1 looks like a "Lava Bomb" and the rest look like lava to me, I have sold 100,s of similar but larger items from a deposit I once had access to but they where much larger. I still have some of them in the 20 to 40 LB range and I will try to get pictures and post them. I believe you have a volcanic eruption site. "LAVA BOMBS" are formed when molten lava is ejected and lands in ash or sand thus keeping them in their original form till they solidify. Lava bombs from Baja, México are often imported for yard decorations by stone companies and Home Depot & Lowes, most of them are in the larger sizes 4' to 6' and very convoluted. In the US deposits on BLM land can be leased but not claimed, if there are larger pieces like the first picture that are atheistically pleasing then you could contact the local BLM office to check on leasing or buying them outright, I have been out of the decorative stone business so long I am not up to date on the current rules. If they are on private property you can make a deal maybe, if they are on RR property forget it! Max
  4. Saginaw, There are some very good fossil localities in NM, the best are on private property but if you join some of the fossil organizations they have field trips or you can make a direct approach to the land owner. Here is a link to get you started: I have made some good finds in Highway cuts but I don.t recommend it, the HP will ticket you! Up around Caballo Lake there are lots of fossils, look at Bedrock Bobs posts. Lake Valley has some world class localities but on Private property. Good Luck Max
  5. Steve, A claim I sold but still have access to has lots of Fossil Corral and other old ocean fossils, and little geodes. It all lies just above the gold producing layers, there is some mixed up geology in AZ.. Max
  6. Thanks Guys, I have actually met MR. Ratkevich some years ago. He owns Tucson Minerals & Gem World Rock shop: It is a museum in its self, if you are a rock hound or fossil collector it is well worth the drive to Tucson no matter where you live in AZ or CA.
  7. Found this picture on the AZ Geology Archive site, hard to believe! It says in the caption its on Lynx Creek. Max
  8. If you want to keep up with AZ Geology news the AZ Geology magazine is on line and free, not all of it is about gold but you will be surprised at how much you can learn, go here: Max
  9. Unc, I just rechecked them and they work fine for me, anyone else having trouble with them? They are AZ State links and while I admit the Data on mines link takes some experimenting to get what you want I have used it successfully in the last few hours , some of the stuff you can access is remarkable. Try using your mouse to select an area and don't make it to big because you will get too many returns. Us admmr in front of your search term. Max
  10. This one may be of help to AZ prospectors also. And here is another one:
  11. This is a very long site that will explain all about Arizona's rich history, you have to page through many pages but they are all interesting with great color pictures and collecting locations. Enjoy! Max
  12. This is all too common with Rock Hounds and Bottle Diggers, I have personally been involved in two body recoveries, both digging crystals and present at two bottle diggers body recoveries it is not a pretty sight! My wife once received a severe cut when a hole only just a little over knee deep collapsed on her, it broke the handle in half on a new #2 shovel which probably saved her from worse injuries. I myself had some close calls bottle digging mostly in New Orleans in the early 1970's. I hope I have gotten smarter over the years, I see holes left on claims that I would not go into and people that enter abandoned mines are playing Russian Roulette ! Max
  13. Chris. Here is a better site for Maricopa county: Any of those little towers you see along side washes that have the little antenna pointing out are live reading if its raining, they where designed primarily as flashflood warning stations. At one time they installed one right in the middle of the campground at Stanton, upon completion they drove away, with out naming the parties involved it was decided by the few middle of the summer residents to test it, running a garden hose over to it and turning it on it took 2 1/2 hours before someone arrived from Phoenix to see the localized flash flood! The sheriff was not called but it was a near thing, he would have had to come from Prescott and they didn't want to wait around. M ax
  14. Dave, You have made a good choice I have been a member for many years , you would have to do some big time traveling to ever go to every claim the RR,s have!, Although I am not as active as I once was they have some great outings and tons of fun, the more you do with the club the more you will get from the experience, I treasure my lifetime friends and memories of the special times. Max PS: If I am not mistaken you have to make a meeting to join now?