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  1. I share your cautious optimism Martin.
  2. Thanks for the link Bob. Did anyone think advances in technology ended last year. or last week? I think not, and the SHARING of information via the internet has put innovation on steroids. If the weight of heavy lead/acid batteries is eliminated from energy storage, a whole new world (or universe!) of possibilities opens up. I just did a little research: In 1800, Volta invented the first true battery, which came to be known as the voltaic pile. The voltaic pile consisted of pairs of copper and zinc discs piled on top of each other, separated by a layer of cloth or cardboard soaked in brine (i.e., the electrolyte). The recognition of electromagnetism, the unity of electric and magnetic phenomena, is due to Hans Christian Ørsted and André-Marie Ampère in 1819-1820; Michael Faraday invented the electric motor in 1821, and Georg Ohm mathematically analysed the electrical circuit in 1827. Edison first publicly demonstrated the light bulb in 1879.
  3. Bob, can I have your permission to reproduce and sell this map? I didn't think so. lol Seriously, this is great. Thank you.
  4. California flooding has exposed gold veins hidden for 200 years http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/03/14/california-flooding-has-exposed-gold-veins-hidden-for-200-years.html
  5. Discrimination -- being able to tune out the trash -- would be a big advantage in my mind. I'd like to see the result of its depth capabilities.
  6. Good stuff Bob. I know that you and many other posters (past and present) know way more about geology, mining, gold and where to find it than I, but anyone can look at the landscape and imagine where gold might settle if it was present. "Be the nugget" I used to say. It will stay right where it formed unless something moves it. It could move a couple inches or miles, depending on the conditions. I remember Montana (Bob Dansie) saying that "Gold doesn't go far in the desert." There are exceptions to that of course, but some force was necessary to move it. One thing is certain however, and that is, if you don't get out and look for it you will never find it.
  7. I met Dusty several (many) years ago and haven't seen her since. I thought she sold it.
  8. Good point Matt. I'm off the grid and know very little about being tied to the grid. DC to AC inverters are real inexpensive these days. I wouldn't even think of getting DC appliances because you need an inverter anyway. Keep in mind that you don't need a 5,000 watt inverter to run a TV or a computer. The bigger the inverter, the more power it wastes. For someone off the grid, a 400 to 750 watt will probably run everything you want it to run. Know what you want to run (and the amps/watts it uses) with your solar power before you start buying equipment and remember that AC watts do not equal DC watts. There is a formula for converting but I'm not sure what it is. *Be aware that some AC appliances need a pure sine wave inverter and those are generally more expensive than modified sine wave inverters.
  9. Hi homefire. The battery terminals and cable connectors are all still like new. I coated them with Vaseline after I hooked them up. I just make sure the batteries are full of water. About once a month I add distilled water using the "Pro Fill" (https://flow-rite.com/battery-watering/pro-fill) watering system which has one feeder tube that has smaller tubes going to each battery. The charge controller controls the voltage and there is very little gassing. It bulk charges them to 14.4 and then drops off and floats at like 13.8. It also equalizes them if it somehow senses they need it. I seldom drain them under 12.3 volts and they last a long time. When they get old and weak you replace them all at once -- hoping that one doesn't go bad before the rest. Sam's Club usually has the best deal on 6v golf cart batteries.
  10. I've been a full time RV'er for 13 years and rely on solar power for all my electricity except the microwave and pizza ovens. My refrigerator runs on propane as does the stove/oven. If I need heat I use a Mr. Heater. If I want to cool off I use a portable swamp cooler. If it gets too cold I head south. If it gets too warm I head north. I have 500 watts (2 x 250) on the roof, a 4 stage charge controller and use six 6v golf cart batteries. I also put in an automatic battery watering system that was well worth the small investment. My batteries should last about 7 years.
  11. Come on Bob. Tell us some of your chevron stories. BTW, that nugget I posted was on one of Hycroft's (blanket) claims and in case any of our fellow Nuggetshooters are not aware, Hycroft & Allied Nevada have no problem (at least they didn't a couple years ago) with people detecting on the claims they aren't actively working. There's a lot of ground up there and I guarantee most of it has never seen a detector. Getting back to where gold comes from (and when and how), one might assume that in some areas gold found on top of hard pan/false bedrock got there after the hard pan or false bedrock formed. I wonder if anyone has ever done carbon dating up there in NV (or CA & AZ for that matter) and correlated it with the estimated time of various earth changing events.
  12. And then there's the chevrons....
  13. Caliche. I'm sure lots of other nuggets were previously found nearby but they missed this one. I've heard that many of the nuggets found over by Ely, NV have caliche as well.
  14. That's exactly the way I found it, 2 inches down on a ridge near Sawtooth. Here's a couple more photos that don't show the fine wire like crystalline details...
  15. I would have to think a large asteroid collision would disperse tektites around the globe. Obviously more would be found in some areas than others. The distribution and redistribution of minerals and chemicals contained in the earth as well as the asteroid would also be a given. When I read about the clouds of acid I thought about heap leaching and this baby....