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  1. And, of course, one has to wonder if and when the GM1100, 1200 or 2000 will be coming out. Imagine a machine that would give you 10 feet of depth and tell you exactly what material(s) is/are making the noise. "Yeah baby, a tin can at a foot and a monster nugget at 4 feet."
  2. I'm sure that everyone who has traveled this road has attempted to find the "magic speed" that will negate the washboard. The problem with that is there are plenty of axle breaking deep ruts to go along with the washboard and there's plenty of rain to make new and deeper ruts. I remember one of the LDMA members saying that he just goes real slow because "he has more time than money". That makes a lot of sense. I used to set up camp near Decision Corner and it would take me over an hour to go in or out of there in my motorhome.
  3. When they do grade that road, it takes about 2 days for the washboard to come back. The road at Franconia, going back to the Havasu Gold Seekers camp, is as bad or worse. Sorry Unc. Getting back to the maps....
  4. That's one of the worst parts right there. You hit a good stretch and pick up your speed and then all of a sudden WHAMMO.
  5. Hi Adam. Yes. That's the road I'm referring to. It is littered with auto parts that fell off of vehicles as they "got a little dirty". LOL. I saw a Lost Dutchmen member's motorhome windshield pop out. Ask Uncle Ron about that road. Nevermind, I'll ask him... Hey Unc, please tell us about your broken axle experience on the "graded road from 89 to Stanton."
  6. Locked gates are a PITA but so is vandalism, mineral theft, trespassing and dumping. There is private and patented land up there along with BLM land and leased state land. There have always been disputes over which is what. Then there's that horrendous road going in and out of there. I decided a long time ago just to stay away.
  7. I have been happy to read all the (well, 3 so far) GM1000 posts and was happy to see the original Minelab videos. Now if someone would only bury a 1 oz nugget and see how deep the GM will go. Last but not least, I'd like to hear how well it performs on the red and green areas out at Rich Hill (as found on the Devil's Nest claims) and on the black slate areas over there in the mother lode. Those were all places where my GB2 was basically worthless.
  8. Happy Birthday Blake. 50 years old must be a typo. I think it was more than 50 years ago that I met you down there at one of Bill's secret spots.
  9. That's a great theory Bob. I think if gold primarily came from the inner core it would be found in more places. It would be great if every state had a mother lode but then again gold wouldn't be worth as much as it is.
  10. Great job Chris. Looking forward to seeing the other videos.
  11. There ya ago Bob, "hot gold pregnant solutions". They dump their gold in a variety of forms, from hard rock veins to big globs to crystalline, wire and chevron nuggets or microscopic particles in ore bodies. What if some of that hot gold pregnant solution became airborne?
  12. I hope the dog shows up Homie.
  13. You guys rock.
  14. Here's another piece of our current earth's puzzle. The "colossal volumes of sulpher" mentioned here would have also had to have included colossal volumes of whatever minerals were in the asteroid as well as those in the impact area. "The shallow sea covering the target site meant colossal volumes of sulphur (from the mineral gypsum) were injected into the atmosphere, extending the "global winter" period that followed the immediate firestorm." http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-39922998
  15. I ran into Pegleg John in Winnemucca today. He said the bridge at Mill City is open. There is about 3 inches of water on the road by the river and the roads are rough (still ungraded) but passable,