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  1. GMT

    last bump.................GMT works great DD coil
  2. SOLD
  3. GMT

    I know, thought it would in a new hunters hands by now / Not in my closet.
  4. GMT

  5. GMT

    consider a center fire firearm for trade , rifle , pistol or shotgun
  6. I miss Jim , he dug the first nugget I ever saw come out of the ground, right after I walked over it. He told me , with a pointy finger , to go there and hunt and I would find a meteorite and I did. Rest in peace my friend
  7. GMT

    I guess that would depend on how low you slung you belt , and if you used suspenders. Now you could chest mount it with long straps and hook it over to the side.... Might work for ya.
  8. GMT

    GMT chest/belt mount. No lower but will take 350.00.
  9. this is what the miller table looks like tub
  10. Still got the Miller table for 85.00
  11. gold magic is sold
  12. just a bump, want this to sell soon so someone will get some use before it gets too hot.
  13. THANKS MUCH . now if I can sell the GMT too
  14. 4.0L , auto and about 150,413 aprox... I can be reached at 928-565-5101....the jeep is located in Golden Valley AZ. oh yeah , the lugs are the kind that have splines on them.
  15. That would be great, got to say up front , last time I drove it as I got up to 50 mph it started to have a front end wobble. As long as it was under 50 it was fine. I got another truck I use most of the time so I don't need the jeep any longer.