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  1. guys, It's a lot of rain. We are getting inundated as well but I'm thankful for what it's doing for the long run despite the short term inconvenience. Stay dry and get ready for a pretty exciting detecting season. best…
  2. Really interesting. Great work Clay.
  3. Also very interesting to read that it was a Portuguese ship so the 13 million in gold coins was rightfully theirs instead, Portugal gave the gold to Namibia where the wreck was discovered. Pretty unusual.
  4. Hi Al, wonder if anyone had any luck out on the beaches. That area you are in, as you well know, is the bullseye for the 1715 fleet. I know some of the folks up there who have leases off colored beach and John's Island, been out on their boats etc. Glad to know you are safe.
  5. Hi all, The competition is called Rhythmic Gymnastics Group. It goes on at 6am pacific coast time on Aug. 2oth. It will only be shown (as far as I can tell), on live stream on the internet. The site is: nbcolympics.com These six girls started training four years ago. They come from all over the US, but had to move to Illinois where the Group National Team trains. They were up against almost impossible odds: No American group had ever gotten into the Olympics on their score. Almost every other team in the world is government sponsored. All the training, the lodging, food, their education, their equipment is paid by whatever country they represent. In America the sport is totally parent funded up to the point they begin competing overseas. At that point USA Gymnastics picks up the bill. This sport is unknown in the US but on a world level it is incredibly popular - it is one of the three sports that immediately sells out at the Olympics. No one who knows about the sport expected the US girls to even be close to being one of the 14 teams that compete in the Olympics. They shocked everyone, especially the USA Gymnastics organization, by qualifying last year in Stuttgart Germany at the World Championship where the first 10 of the 14 teams was chosen. The other 4 teams were chosen in a qualification meet in Rio this last April. Expecting them to get gold is out of the question but make no mistake, these girls have done something very few thought possible. So, this is all to say that just by going to Rio these girls have won. Special thank you Garimpo for your constant support through all these years, this marks Natalie's 12th year in the sport. Thanks for your interest. Best wishes to everyone. Flak
  6. Good morning Dave. I'm about 1200 KM North of you. I've been

    going over a olympic schedule every day to try and find a McGiffert listed and so far haven't been successful. This is day 12 Aug. so now I'm getting worried that I missed the "kid" performing. 

    1. FlakMagnet


      Hey Don, I sent you an email with everything you need.

      Best wishes…!!


  7. I dredged with Jack Bass up in Briceberg off and on for a number of years and yes, he had his share of shady dealings, but he was always honest and up front with me and let me dredge on his claims with no restrictions. I would also add that many of the people he had weird dealings with were themselves crooks. Like him or not he was about as colorful a personality as I have ever met. I bet even Hoser would agree. Just want to make sure there is a balance of opinion on someone who has passed on and cannot stand up for themselves.
  8. Congratulations on a find with your homemade coil…that makes it even better. I always have a sinking feeling when I hit something right off the bat. More times than not it is the only find of the day. Wonder why that is.
  9. Yeah, it's mostly false drama. The Discovery Channel is notorious for ginned up content. I hope those miners were on a Discovery Channel salery and that the show picked up equipment costs.
  10. hearing aids are a no-brainer they will change your life. After you've had them one day you will kick yourself for not getting them 'way sooner. I know from experience.
  11. Hi Skunked, Your words are all we have to go on when you write a post. Most of us do not know you other than that. What you meant to say may have been one thing what you did write was strange more for what was left out; there was no mention whatsoever of the horrific misery that was currently going on. Lemons and lemonade aside, I do not think anyone thought you were glad about situation, rather, it seemed a touch early to be thinking of the benefits of a conflagration of that magnitude.
  12. Hi Skunked, Not trying to speak for mn90403, but perhaps the "cost" he is talking about is people losing their homes and belongings. In almost anyone's estimation that cost would be too high. I hope they get it out quickly.
  13. Agree with nvchris, plus I like the way the 5000 handles ground noise and, to a lesser extent, EMI.
  14. Nice explaination Bill… Slim you are gonna just love this detector especiallywhen you have it all tweeked out to your satisfaction and then you hear a little wobble in the threshold. You go "wait, what was that?" When you sweep it again, the wobble is still there, maybe a little different sounding, hardly noticeable, but there. You decide to dig it. Show us your the first nugget you dig with a tiny shift in the threshold, it's gonna be a beauty. (in other words, good hunting)