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How about a reference section

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I've been finding/reading many prospecting books online. Here's one I am scanning through, presently



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So do you suggest we add a section for this purpose? Could be a good thing....

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THat's up to you, Bill

I think it could be just a thread on mining/geology references. I thought this area a good place as any to start.

I'm sure others have mentioned good books in the past. I think of this as a particularly good read( it's free).

Maybe there's a similar thread in the forum and I just missed it.

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I found another book in WIckenburg at a tourist info building run by the HIstorical SOciety( I believe) entitled

"TALES of the WEAVER MOUNTAIN Areas in Arizona TErritory"

by Sheryl Christie of the " No Bars Ranch" in Yarnell, AZ

ISBN 978-0-9817580-0-8, 1st printing (500 copies), 93 pages.

It's localized historical accounts/stories of mining and just everyday life "back in the day" . Just started reading it.

I will contact the author to get permission to post approved, brief portions from the book. At that point I can get some typing practice in...

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Nice link weaver! Tks!


Yup, the AZGS website is fantastic trove of information. By comparison, CAlifornia's site pales...

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National and International referance info, eh?

State by state, country by country.

If ya been there, tell us about it.

The geology related facts only please.

Strip the sceenery out of the pics and

let us know what's underneith.

Heck, I wish I could aford it, I'd grab my AE-1,

my rock pick, and go myself. Pick a spot, any spot, I'd go.

I love that schmidt.

Did someone say "Andes"? ; )

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reference section could be so great if I can ask all my questions there ?somehow If we could keep asking questions about rocks in one spot where people will continue to answer.without making a new post each time i feel kind of guilty knocking other peoples posts over with my trivial questions.but it seems like my posts end.I really appreciate being able to ask these questions here because its hard to look something up if you dont have the name .believe me i try too

.you know actually it seems like some of my rocks are un identifiable. would you agree there is rocks that are not known maybe in the records ? and dont you agree there might just be a publishable book

there unknown rock identification like an outside the box rock book maybe a collection of rocks and meteorwrongrites that cant be identified.me and the librarian were tripping that they dont even have like a book of metallic rocks or even a chapter where they are grouped together in the rock book . unless im wrong its really hard too research magnetic rocks that look like silver color metal when you make a window theres not really any available persons too not get shut down by if your interested in magnetic rocks that dont leave a mark on the streak test

i wish you wouldnt have said rock clubs nerdy because im too nerdy to get near nerds and still be so cool.

anyways i spose it would take special software or webpage design where people can post pics separetly with a place for answers inside the same post.you would probably want the answers separet e from the pics so people can scan the pics then check the answers like in the back of the book type thing

?i dont know it would answer a couple of my problems.or be helpfull atleast i feel like i am borderline bugger just thought id run this by you i guess why i brought this up is because i have another question about a rock i found today

ill just ask you right here im sorry i dont put a ruler or beer in the my pics are spur of the moment this rock is about the size of a basketball then the close ups are little opal looking things that i didnt see until i zoomed in on the camera its not a rock i see very often i have seen a couple before not this big or perfectly round.it looks worth bringing home doesnt it er no? its not extra heavy or anything well i appreciate the input you give totally you seem really smart:)





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