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      For the discussion of all forms of Gold Prospecting and Gold recovery. Panning, Drywashing, Dredgeing, Sluicing, Hardrock Mining and........

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      Hi All, As most know I don't like to advertise at the main forums so I have added this forum where you can see updates, sales, specials, etc that are available at my store. So do not enter this forum if ads offend ya...

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  • Posts

    • Hot. Too hot!
      Hey gold is gold. Some just takes a little more to make weight is all. Pretty stuff.
    • A few nuggets....
      Awesome pics. Great gold also, good job.
    • A few nuggets....
      The  last few days I have found myself wandering around the desert looking for gold, an more recently into the  higher elevations....As usual I have a few photos to post ...Enjoy!   Heres a few little pieces recently acquired.... I was approached by a mother bear and her two cubs. As I left the area I got a shot of one cub that had climbed the tree to get away from me, Heres a neat homestead Managed to get this great night photo last evening I found this rock to be entertaining...Any rock art interpreters around?   Hope everyone that chooses to go out in the heat it doing it safely ...until next time!        
    • Hot. Too hot!
      Here ya go, Tonester..! At first blush this stuff looks about the size of nuggies boulder dash snipes n holds in a pile in his hand -- until ya read the fine print, that is.. The only piece that did not go through a 20 mesh screen is the li'l critter down there off to the lower right..
      That coin edge on the lower left..? No, not a silver dollar - try a dime.. Eastern Au, sigh: Pure of heart; small in stature.. GeoJack -- Where are you?, lol..  Swamp   
    • Hey El Dorado
      Are you staying out of the smoke and flames? Heard there are evacuations around Forest Hill.
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