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    • If all you are going to provide is the one picture, then yes I still doubt it is a real meteorite based on the evidence presented, as that is all I have as a basis to form my opinion.     I'm not an expert, I don't "portray" myself as anything.  It's you all that keep labeling me.  And everyone can be "fooled", only an ignorant person would think otherwise. I don't have time to dig deeper, nor do I really care honestly.  If people want the welcome wagon to the world of meteorites, well that's not my job.  The burden of proof is on the person looking for info, let them share all their photos and stories and details, I sure as hell ain't doing any work on my end, my life is busy enough.  If someone isn't going to take the time to document the work they did and share that with us and they simply post a photo as ask if it's a meteorite, I'll answer in kind and offer my NOVICE opinion on what I see and that's it.  If people throw their rocks away just because one crazy guy on the internet said "no" that seems like a bad idea on their part.  I am very helpful in the field, much more so than online.  In person you can show things and point stuff out and whatnot.  And I never tell people to throw their wrongs away, even the ones that are for sure wrong.  I tell people to put them in the garden or a box or something, because you never know (even though often you do know) and it's better to have them sitting around somewhere than to be thrown away. The scientific method munroney quoted back to me that I already posted is for the person looking for more info to follow, not the person trying to help them. We all use these forums for different reasons, and mine is not to try to help teach every single person everything I know about space rocks.  I like seeing pictures of finds and reading the stories, and if someone posts a picture I like offering my opinion, but I do not like or want to have to explain myself every single time I write something, especially when someone posts a picture with no explanation and I post a similar response.  So listen to me or ignore me, but please don't tell me what to do or how to respond.  Thank you. I'll just stop posting in the "is this a meteorite" type of posts, not worth all this drama.  Sorry to have taken up so much of y'alls time.
    • I know what a meteorite is i have 3.5 kg that i found but its my other 0.5 that im not sure about. Hence the topic. Im here for advice from people with real experience to help identify and share information maybe even join me to hunt my strewn field. I want to learn as much as possible and i thought this would be a great place for that but so far all its been is Its the simple dismiss with no explanation and negativity from people who think there right about everything which doesnt help anyone. Apparently most of us love meteorites and are passionate about the subject so lets try to play nice so we can all learn and see some cool rocks. Heres a couple of my well weatherd rights:
    • I've heard the same for snuff rounds, small aspirin bottles and to a lesser degree, ahem, empty cigarette packs.. So when y'all come across things like that check 'em out before just stuffing them into your litter pouch, as they may contain rays of sunshine.. 

    • I think the show Meteorite Men has had a positive and not so positive effect on the whole meteorite world. For one they created some entertainment and awareness, but on the other hand the got every tom, dick, and harry off the couch and thinking they were going  get rich easy! Today universities get flooded with meteorwrongs and so many have stopped taking them. Can't blame them put yourself in their shoes, after hundreds of meteorwrongs you might pull the plug to and same thing goes for some guys here that really know their stuff. So you have to ask yourself why do you want someone else's validation on your rock? Do you want to make money, or do you just love them and want to share? Either way i think some more homework could be done instead of posting a picture and expect others to tell you what you should be learning on your own. I know your frustration well, i am currently trying to gather my own evidence on what i really suspect is a meteorite. I have only been hunting meteorites for 3 years, but i understood early on your own wife and family might not think you have a meteorite, and i don't care i love what i am doing and no big deal, they are all space rocks! 
    • Looks like a great outing........nice pictures. 
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