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#21 Bill Southern

Bill Southern

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 05:40 AM

So, I got the blue package and I gotta say - not a lot of working time. I also learned a significant difference between Goo Gone and Goof Off... Goo Gone is weak and relies on citrus oil. Goof Off is a serious solvent that ate through my nitrile glovest and got the tape goo Off fast!

As for spray in bedliners, I can only put my name next to LineX. We looked around and worked with several companies before deciding LineX was the way to go. Not only because of the lifetime warranty and nationwide presence, but also because of the manner by which the dealers get the material and spray methods.
Most say companies get their material where ever they can. You're not assured it is what it's supposed to be! LineX requires dealers to buy materials from them, thus ensuring the product quality and they also go through training on install and repair. So you know the guy spraying your stuff has the right materials, tools, and knowledge to do it right. And warranty work is billed back to the shop... so they have an interest in making sure it never fails.

We no longer are a dealer, but I'm not ashamed to send anyone over there

What are you using the goof off and goo be gone for Glenn? Nasty stuff but will remove other nasty stuff well.

Were you able to find the Household Goop after you called and it has plenty of working time simply lay a bead wet your finger and smooth it on the edge of the coil and you are done. Any mistakes or goop on the fingers easily rubs off before dry. After drying removal is as simple as getting under it with something and grabbing it with fingers and stretching it back off.

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 09:08 AM

Hey Bill. I got the blue package. I guess the warmer weather and low humidity had that stuff setting up FAST.. I had barely laid a bead around my 18" and it already had a good skin on it that bunched it up a bit. I had a pail of water right next to me and kept my nitrile glove wet the whole time.

I was using goof off to get the glue from the tape off the coils and covers to prep for Goop. Ran over the coils with denatured alcohol to remove as much residue as possible just before running a bead of Goop.
Not the prettiest, but coils and spokes are sealed. I did find some more dirt in my cover after our time in the field a week ago. That cap is pervasive!!

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Mike Furness

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Posted 23 April 2012 - 08:55 AM

Hey John ... Just a note for clarity on my post regarding the Rhino product. When I said a smooth finish I am not referring to it being like a window glass but rather a texture like say a naughahide leather substitute BUT the surfaces on the texture are very much a smooth almost glossy surface on the Rhino product as opposed to the rough and dull surfaces of the LineX product. Probably as a camper bottom where snow never hits it ... makes no difference I suspect. But when wet by snow or sleet I'll take the LineX over the Rhino every time from past experience. There is a reason why most auto dealers in snow country back east are switching out of the Rhino and into LineX ... both are readily available in competing markets ... LineX is the product of choice for building contractors and snowmobilers who load their machines into the bed of their trucks. Each to their own I guess ... just my experience as an old Yankee Northern New Englander! :)
Mike F

Mike Furness

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