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#258888 Cabela's Bargain Cave

Posted by weaver hillbille on 01 September 2015 - 12:56 PM

Looks like rat food-John

....that was just a jazzed up, $6 lifeguard hat.



  I settle for a good end-of-year clearance, at Dickies.  Bot a couple dozen  pairs of jeans for$9ea  few years back.


 Still wearin out the first dozen.  


Some got chopped off below the knees so they couldn't run away. :tisk-tisk:

#258797 More of a jurist question

Posted by weaver hillbille on 30 August 2015 - 08:40 AM

 Habar, It is  difficult to determine what you have.



 Other than rusty iron, determining  Earth or other world source is   difficult from just pictures.  There's always a chance they could be, but the condition is  too poor, as  shown/presented.


 If you can cut one in half, or grind a spot down on one side, to a non- corroded( non rusted) spot, that would help .


 Welcome to the board.


 I guess by using the  word,"jurist" you were looking for  vote/group decision.


 My first thought when I saw  "jurist"---someone wanted to talk about  being on a jury in  a court of law( Heard of Perry Mason?)



 WElcome to the board.

#258747 Weaver Hill Billie, Hoser John, Problems with the Power ball Drawing?

Posted by weaver hillbille on 29 August 2015 - 10:12 AM

 One of these is not like the other.. no issues if placed where it should be.



        "Gold Nugget Shooting Forum

Main NuggetShooter.com Forum with subject matter related gold prospecting with a metal detector as the main focus."




Hobbies and Stuff

Got some cool hobby type stuff to share? Build stuff, got skilz? Share them here...

#258416 EPA Screws up big time

Posted by weaver hillbille on 19 August 2015 - 08:03 AM





#258119 Any ideas what this is?

Posted by weaver hillbille on 09 August 2015 - 08:49 AM

 Reminds me of gallena- the tiny , speckely parts.

#258117 I can only imagine what would happen if...

Posted by weaver hillbille on 09 August 2015 - 08:46 AM

 I disagree.  People in charge need to be fired, punished and/or  held accountable for negligence.


 If a few can be sued personally( a difficult litigation at best) and not the agency, I am in favor of  that.


 Certainly the EPA is too big for it's britches and needs to be scaled back.


 From what I've read so far, they :idunno:  there was water behind the mine plug. :tisk-tisk:  :2mo5pow:  :2mo5pow: ..  Who would have thought groundwater would  flood a mine


:old: <this guy would have known...





We should Sue the Pants off them and Shut them down like they would you and I.  

#258076 I can only imagine what would happen if...

Posted by weaver hillbille on 07 August 2015 - 05:31 PM

 SAw that . darn BAsterzds Or is it dam busters :grr01:   The way I read it, they blew the plug to the mine. Idiots.  Maybe it's way too soon to judge, but with all the   incompetence in gov't... if the shoe fits....









" EPA Response to Million-gallon Mine Waste Spill in Colorado Deeply Inadequate

Feds Downplay Wildlife Impacts, Ignore Downstream Endangered Fish, Birds

DURANGO, Colo.— The Center for Biological Diversity today blasted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for downplaying the possibility of impacts to fish and wildlife from a million-gallon spill of toxic mine waste into Cement Creek and the Animas River in southwestern Colorado on Wednesday. 

Both rivers feed the San Juan River in New Mexico and Utah, which contains habitat for several species of federally endangered fish and birds. Many of these, including razorback suckers and Colorado pikeminnow, are already afflicted by exposure to toxic compounds, such as selenium and mercury, associated with mine waste. 

In a statement late Wednesday, the EPA pointed to fish populations already decimated by mine pollution to downplay the potential for downstream impacts, claiming that “due to current and longstanding water quality impairment associated with heavy metals there are no fish populations in the Cement Creek watershed and populations in the Animas River have historically been impaired for several miles downstream of Silverton.”

“The fact that fish populations in the upper Animas have already been decimated by mining pollution offers no comfort to concerns about pollution impacts farther downstream,” said Taylor McKinnon with the Center.

“Endangered species downstream of this spill are already afflicted by same toxic compounds like mercury and selenium that may be in this waste,” said McKinnon. “These species are hanging by a thread, and every new bit of toxic exposure makes a bad situation worse. EPA’s downplaying of potential impacts is troubling and raises deeper questions about the thoroughness of its mine-reclamation efforts.”

The Center will seek records from the federal agency about this week’s spill under the Freedom of Information Act. It will scrutinize the EPA’s compliance with the Endangered Species Act and other laws in connection with potential impacts to endangered species from mine-reclamation programs and disasters.

The Center for Biological Diversity is a national, nonprofit conservation organization with more than 900,000 members and online activists dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places."

#258071 Bees

Posted by weaver hillbille on 07 August 2015 - 01:26 PM

  That goes for bees that are foraging, too.


 It's just when you invade their space( can be hundred yards or more) or make loud noise (even farther away) that a hive can get very defensive.



 THere are " guard" bees that hang out around hives that will hit on you/bump into you/fly agressively around you when approaching a hive that's on a territorial bent.

 Don't ignore it.

swarming bees are not looking to attack, just looking for a new home. And my experience supports this, seen a lot of swarms but never had any issues with them. 

#258039 Bees

Posted by weaver hillbille on 06 August 2015 - 11:41 AM

 Walking by a hive that's africanized can be a death sentence.


 I've had swarms fly  through our property in POway a few times over the years.. Spooky sound, then you  see them. I  just crounch down :th:  and try to slow/stop my breathing for a few seconds as they past.. CO2  can set off a bee  as can fear, already mentioned,..





I've had to get rid of a couple hives using cold soapy water spray-gently at first, then a bit more pressure as they start to succumb.


 First need to soften up their defenses with plain cold water spray over the hive for a few minutes.  THey go into shock from the chill- soapy water spray can then be

( more safely) applied.


 A pump sprayer with an adjustable nozzle to squirt long  distance is a must.


:old:  :old:  :old:  And only do this at night! Never during the day.  And never if you haven't researched it yourself- don't take my word for it.


 All the above goes out the window for an established hive of Africans. THey can be aggressive when threatened from a farther distance away than the distance you can spray.


 I learned all this from the COunty( SAn DIego) and a couple beekeepers.  Here, they've hybridized with more native bees ( farther away fromthe source)so they aren't as aggressive.


Andyy said,"  And then I start to sweat, a little more and a little more.  Well the bees aren't stupid.  They come out and want to land on you for a drink. "-------------------


 I've had that experience with swarms of paperwasps, but not bees. Talk about pesky!. After a half day of nothing but swatting at tehm with anything we could swing, we beat feet for a motel. Camping  isn't always fun. They never seemed to  get PO'd- they'ld just fly away a bit and call a few of their friends over in the process.

#257997 Rye Patch chondrite or scrap?

Posted by weaver hillbille on 05 August 2015 - 12:22 PM

  Me too , when it comes to this subject... my totally unprofessional opinion is the outside resembles a fusion crust and the inside could be construed as having some chondrules.  It's really hard to say as it's so small.


THe contrast between the thin black crust that has mostly  rusted  and the lighter colored interior is telling( to me).

Hi again, 

Ok, promise im not lazy, just stupid

#257967 need help what do you think?

Posted by weaver hillbille on 04 August 2015 - 02:54 PM

 I am going to say rutile( the black crystal embeded) which is both striated and( can be) magnetic.  What looks like fusion crust could just be the  edges of the cavity in which the crystal formed or secondary crystalization over   the crystal.


 So says an experienced and wise Googler :brows:

#257950 Weeds Abound

Posted by weaver hillbille on 04 August 2015 - 09:17 AM

  Homey, Some tom's are sweet if you get the right variety , soil and growing conditions( it's a fruit, technically).  One of the most challenging criters to grow.


 AS far as the labels- starts with an 8- it's genetically engineered ,,,,,,, a 9-, it's organic...

 More here http://www.snopes.co...are/produce.asp


 Ripe, hybrid fruit should produce viable seeds, but they will not bear the same characteristics as the parent hybrid.


  The "kids" will be a large crosssection of traits from the 2 combined parents that made up the hybrid.  If you take seed from that ripe fruit/veggie, selected for characteristics you want( early bearing, shape, taste),, and plant it, grow  out  and produce more and save seed from thatharvest, after 4-5 generations, you've esentially created your own heirloom seed.  THe trick is to use the same  seed selection criteria for each generation.  Otherwise, your heirloom won't be as stable( produce all  the same characteristics).


   Yep!   Home Grown Tomatoes  Burn your tong  with taste  (Acid , Flavors, Smell and Taste) . Store bought are just wet and mushy.    You see plums that look sooo sooo good and when you bite into them ?   NOTHING.   NO TASTE.  WTH?     Even the Apples  are the same way.     I found out that if they have a Sicker on them with a number, there a GMO or Variety  bread just for sale.  My bet is there a Hybrid and the seeds would not grow..  I know the Tomatoe seed don't grow.    We have a Old School Apple orchard about  50 miles from us here.   All there trees look Old and Gnarly...   We make a point to stop and buy a crate if we ever drive buy.  The Store Crap  have them Large, Beautiful Colors , Just NO flavor.   

#257941 Weeds Abound

Posted by weaver hillbille on 04 August 2015 - 07:03 AM

 Yup... In winter,I cringe when I see tomatos in the store... TAste is nothing like the real thing.


Fruits and veggies should have a resembling fragrance about them( an easy smell  to distinguish would be a ripe peach, apricot, plum, cantalope).....  No smell?  NOt worth buying.



#257795 dredge concentrates

Posted by weaver hillbille on 30 July 2015 - 04:31 PM


 Dave,Thanks for the surfing,







" ,I would say the pinks, reds, and oranges are all garnets (various types..almandine, pyrope, hessonite, rhodolite) 



#257793 Cecil the lion

Posted by weaver hillbille on 30 July 2015 - 03:33 PM

 Yeah, I heard about that. I believe her Darwin award was for leaving her window down,


  Yeah , they're wild maneaters, no doubt  but the animal was not taken down because he was a  dangerous hazard,  or had turned into a domesticated  pest, raiding trash and such or involved in livestock killings.  

  He was lured out of a preserve for a( supposedly) easy kill.

 So, to try and make the case that "lions are dangerous so kill lions"( I know I am oversimplifying and that's not what you said) is pretty slim when you consider that this one was causing no problems.


 I understand wanting to buck the outrage over the incident-seems like everyone wants to pile on and cast the first stone at the" adulterer"( or the trophy hunter in this case).


 The guides he hired went for an easy mark and the dentist drew a short stick hiring them. NOw they're all  paying the price- some of it  probably unjustified..


 I saw the movie, Frank . It is in no way analogous to  CEcil's kill.  THe movie lions were hunting construction workers.  


Cecil hunted wild game with his pride.




 Maybe you're just saying not to judge the dentist-lest we be judged...

Yeah, not too long ago there was a news story about a cat that attacked a woman 
They are man eaters   plain and simple,