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Input on a find...

22 July 2007 - 10:17 AM

Found this by eye. I would appreciate everyones thoughts.

Here are the simple details:

26.6 Grams
Window reveals metal specks
Does not streak brownish red
Only one like it in the area
Cracked from impact or high heat?

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Thanks all!

Very unique

11 April 2007 - 07:04 AM

Found this last summer metal detecting:

- It is very heavy/dense and very hard.
- It is coated with aggregated chondrules
- It has olivine seepage and olivine chondrules
- It has gold deposits. They are soft and have not tarnished for over a year. *SEE NOTE*
- It has various metal particles on the exterior. Some shiny and some rusted in appearance.
- Some particles on the outside look like iron meteorites.

I wish I could get some macro shots but I don't have the camera to do it.
I will say it is amazing under a 14x loupe.

Any ideas on what it may be? I figured a few rock hounds out there may have some theories.

*NOTE* I am quite positive the gold deposits are not pyrite.
The deposits are much warmer in color and they are soft.

Cosmic Candidate?

09 April 2007 - 07:52 AM

Found this by eye. Here are the characteristics:

Heavy (100 grams)
Very Magnetic
Seems to have regmaglypts

Pics attached.