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In Topic: Land of the flea and the home of the plague

29 July 2011 - 10:17 AM

Well, I tried to go on a little vacation and went about 200 miles before my dog started to get sick. Within 2 hours he was swollen up under the neck as hard as a rock. No eating, no drinking, massive swelling. A midnight run from Mexico to Santa Fe and an emergency surgery that left him cut wide open and lymph nodes draining all over the place. He was lucky. Things are going to be O.K. for him. Both my neighboirs pets and several co-worker's pets have been diagnosed. The plague. Some are lucky and get Bubonic like Wally. Most are getting Septicemic and Pneumonic and they dont respond as well to antibiotics. Pneumonic will jump to humans in a heartbeat and has a 50% mortality rate.

No telling how many animals have it here over the past week. And they certainly won't tell the truth about how many humans may have it. But it is here in force.

Check your dogs and keep that flea and tick preventative on them at all times. Dont let them chase or eat rabbits and get rid of all the mice and the rats. Keep any squirrels away by getting rid of all food sources. And most of all keep an eye on your dog. The plague is extremely rapid and you will see them change in behavior in a short time. If you catch it on the first day then everyone is happy. If you don't the dog is a goner and the family is at risk for the Black Death. Bummer.

So, they gave me a box of rubber gloves and an information sheet from the State Department of Health at the vet's office. This was after two days in the cab of a truck with this drooling 90# plague dog. I was sticking my fingers down his throat and doing the complete go around trying to find a snake bite or a foxtail. I would stop every 150 miles and wipe him down to keep him cool and force him to drink out of my hand. I would wipe the drool off his face and onto my pants, eat a handfull of trail mix and go another 150 miles.

I never thought about plague. I have a low fever and a mild headache and today I am thinking about it. Wally is feeling groovy and wants to go outside and play.

So far this year we have had a drouth, fire, flood, disease, pestilence and despair. It really does not get any worse that this naturally. I figure some stupid human is going to do something to make it worse now? Maybe start shooting as in Bill's vacation fun?


Haven't spoken to you in a long while. Sorry to hear Wally had a rough go, but sure am glad to hear he's on the mend.


In Topic: Satisfaction with purchase

01 March 2011 - 10:55 AM

After many emails (no phone # for customer service) I have obtained a refund. I talked to the BBB in FL, and the reason they only have a C+ rating is they haven't provided the necessary information. To file a complaint using BBB's website is pretty daunting, but it's the only business such as this will straighten up. To boot, they take your money, then place an order with a company that has the item, receive it, then ship it to you, making one think they are dealing straight with a dealer, which sadly wasn't the case. I have learned my lesson and will only deal with prospecting websites in the west. Remember Gold Prospectors Supply Company isn't a company you want to deal with!


In Topic: Satisfaction with purchase

27 February 2011 - 12:10 PM

Yes, Florida :*&$*(: :bang: . I have gotten some really good, heavy duty, 7mm wet suits from a company in Florida (got great service) for dredging here in Colorado, as the water in these rivers are COLD! I swore :muted: the last time I ordered from them I'd never order from them again, but that was at least 5 years ago (price you pay for getting older :olddude: ). I've sent them two email indicating I was very disappointed with their service, but all I got is were very sorry for the delay boorb . It sucks when they've had your money for over three weeks, and no indication when product will be shipped. At least it's winter here.

In Topic: Gpaa in colorado

28 January 2011 - 07:24 PM

Doe's anyone know when the GPAA show will be back in Denver,CO. I would like to make plans for the trip.I see
that it is not in 2011.Any help would be great.Thanks

It's my understanding that it will be quite some time before GPAA is back to Denver. There were too many looky-loos and the vendors didn't make enough in sales to entice them to come back. GPAA must have a minimum fee that is shared by the vendors. If you don't make any money, then you don't invite em back. just my :twocents: on the subject.


In Topic: ARGH!!! Rained out again

19 December 2010 - 08:52 AM


Plenty of rain in our neck of the woods. Get some rain gear for yourself and a trash bag for your control box, it beats staying home!


Sure wish Colorado had good gold fields as you do in California. Most, if not all, of the gold is in the rivers. But that's just my :twocents: on the matter