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In Topic: Where does gold come from?

Today, 03:18 AM

Whatever happened to the evaporation and then rain theory? I was happy with that one... :D But i do think some water is coming from somewhere other than evap and rain. If we counted every human being and added their weights together and multiplied by 98%, yes, we got some water coming from somewhere. Or the oceans would be dry... :ROFL:

In Topic: Gold Is Taking Another Dump

Today, 01:47 AM

Hard to make up your mind anymore. So much corruption in the market and no one seems to be punished. From the looks of that article the dollar will be stable. But if this sort of manipulation stops, the usa will be in a world of hurt. You can only print money so long before it bites you in the azz. My two cents Bob.

In Topic: Does all raw gold...

Today, 12:45 AM

Maybe i should have asked for top ten rocks (minerals) found with gold along with pictures too so they can be easilly identified... :inocent:

In Topic: Fisher gold bug

Yesterday, 08:30 PM

There is a gold bug (base model) that looks just like the pro. It's the cheapest one. I think he's talking about that one.

In Topic: Palm tree??

Yesterday, 08:15 PM

Bob whatever that is, you ought to find out how old it is....pretty cool find...imagine Alaska being tropical. Just think, that could be 45 million years old.