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In Topic: 400 Million Dollar Gem Saga Continues

03 December 2014 - 09:20 AM

Here is something more recent and the reason I put it up was because I heard a story on the radio news that the judge was hearing the case now.




I was in contact with Ron Ringsrud asking him about this case. They are lowly but surely knocking  claimants off one by one. Maybe in couple years this will be resolved. By the way, the appraisal of $400,000,000 is ridiculous. No is going to pay anything close that that figure if it were ever to be sold, unless it's 200 years from now and inflation is 20%.

In Topic: Books for Sale

01 December 2014 - 06:53 AM

All the books and set of maps have been sold with the exception of "Uranium Resources of Northwestern New Mexico"  Published for the Atomic Energy Commision.  Have lowered this to $10.00.


Still lots of turquoise cabs for sale. Am having a cyber-month sale on these. Check them out.




Thanks for looking.

In Topic: Books for Sale

28 November 2014 - 05:25 AM

Skip, Unfortunately yes. It's no different then eBay, Amazon or similiar websites. Check your email.

In Topic: in black sand

03 April 2014 - 05:41 AM

The blue could also be Scheelite as that's fairly heavy. The yellow has me stumped. If you read up on the geology of that area, it should give you some clues. Might be worthwhile checking into.

In Topic: Huge Aussie Nugget Found......

29 March 2014 - 08:54 AM

Sure fooled me too. Have seen nuggets in just about every conceivable shape, even some "half" nuggets. ie... Some had a crystalline shape while the other sides were  flat and looked as though it had been cast in a tufa mold... But they were real as I found a few like that as did others by the Eugene Mtns.